HüGA home came to us in need of an entirely new brand identity. They were making the transition from working exclusively under one developer’s brand name to being independent and working with developers they choose. We created a sophisticated new brand identity that helped them attract home builders and clients building luxury homes.

We helped them create more profit from the same amount of work.

The crew at the newly formed HüGA Home were already busy with jobs. The goal was not to increase “busy”ness, but to increase profits while maintaining the same work load for each employee. Their work was already amazing, so it was a matter of positioning the brand as THE go-to option in their region for up-scale interior design services. This allowed them to charge a premium for their services.


Positioning HüGA To Win

Flitch’s brand strategy team went through their ONLY BRAND™ base process with HüGA. From this they learned that HüGA was the only Interior Design company in Southern Utah that works through the entire building process with clients. The new branding has been effective in attracting desirable high dollar clients. HüGA moved into a new, larger building and continues to hire new staff to accommodate the growth.


HüGA Home was a new brand for an experienced Interior Design team. They sought out the services of Flitch to create a new brand.


We produced high-end luxury interior design photography for them to use in their brand and marketing efforts. The photos were used in print and online marketing.

Luxury Bathroom Photography
Luxury Kitchen
Luxury Bathroom with a view


Flitch designed, programmed, implemented, and did on-site SEO work for HüGA’s new website. Working hand-in-hand with HüGA, Flitch created a wireframe, which evolved into the design, and after approval transformed into a working development site. Development of the website was done using WordPress as the base content management system which included a custom theme, plugins, and functionality. After the coding was complete, we moved the site live and implemented base on-site search engine optimization (SEO).

HuGA Home - Web Layouts


We designed print advertisements, created video content, and photo content for their marketing.